If you're a parent who has lost a child, follow Dennis James Browne on his long journey after the loss of his daughter, and you'll find a new light that you've never seen before, a light that will bring you greater comfort than you ever thought possible--emerging scientific evidence that proves that your child is still with you.

There can be no stronger case against the existence of God than the death of a child.

I'm numb with grief and for weeks I keep on thinking it was some kind of a horrible mistake--she's still close by, right around the corner, and any minute the door will open and she'll walk into the room...

But the door never opens and I never see her again.

I must find answers to the questions that haunt me--and I become a stubborn, angry father who begins an impossible journey only a fool would start in the first place."

--from The Reptile and the Rose


The Reptile and the Rose (Paperback)
by Dennis James Browne
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The Reptile and The Rose
Dennis James bROWNE the reptile and the rose

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